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Corporate Sponsors

Throughout the year, HRC Houston hosts events with members, donors and members of the business community as well as elected officials. Corporate partners can benefit through engagement with the members of the LGBTQ+ community in Houston, both in terms of sales opportunities as well as brand exposure. By getting involved as a corporate supporter, your company or small business can take a position on diversity, inclusion and fair-mindedness that can demonstrate to your employees and customers the kind of brand that has meaning.


We welcome the opportunity to speak to you about sponsoring the Annual Dinner/Gala, as well as year-round support or specific event monthly or quarterly events. We can also provide speakers and other support to your LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups, whether they are longstanding or in the process of forming.


Annual Dinner/Gala

Click here to download the sponsorship booklet. More information can be found on the Dinner Page of our website.


Other Events and Opportunities

You can contact us about other opportunities throughout the year by emailing us at:


We look forward to working with you and your employees to promote equality

and inclusivity in Houston!

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